What's the Point of a Funko Pop Protector?

Platinum Protectors for Funko Pop! - every collector gets them eventually. That pop that's scratched, or dinged up, or even cracked. It might be your favorite one, like Officer Rick Grimes (Walking Dead). Or it could be the love of your life like Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2). The point is that pops aren't invincible and by not caring for them properly, you risk losing an otherwise perfect specimen to damage.

This can happen in a number of ways; sometimes it's the actual act of opening the box (please don't do this), other times it comes from simply leaving pops out in places where they can fall or get knocked over easily by children or pets. There are also those people who purposefully scratch their pops, usually in an attempt to make them look older or "vintage" (yes, we cringed as well). Regardless of how it happens, Funko Pops aren't meant to be mishandled or damaged.

So, what can you do?

Buy Platinum Protectors for Your Funko Pops!

You may have seen these around before (they've been popular for several years), but you've probably wondered what they're used for. These thin pieces of plastic go over the front and back of a Funko Pop, as well as around the sides. The idea is that they provide an added layer of protection from scratches when Funko Pops are being moved from one place to another.

In addition, there have been reports of people using the covers when taking pictures for their online listing or posting in forums to keep pictures looking sharper and less blurry. These issues seem to be at their worst when lighting isn't ideal so adding a little can help. And it never hurts to add a little extra protection!

How Do You Use Funko Pop Protectors?

Funko Pop Protectors are pretty straightforward in how you use them. Simply open your Pop Protector and slide your Pop inside, lining up the holes and making sure that all of the edges stay tucked in. You can then remove the clear plastic covering and you're set!

Funko has also recently released boxes for most pops with a hard plastic case around them, so this is something to also consider if you want more protection.

Let's face it: Funko Pops aren't cheap. Sometimes they can cost $15 or more per Pop (or even much more). And once you get hooked on buying them, there's no telling how many Pops could end up filling your collection; especially if Funko continues their limited-edition releases like we've seen happen with past lines like Dorbz and Hikari, and we suspect this will happen with other Pops as well. So, it's better to be safe than sorry by adding a Funko Pop Protector from Platinum Protectors.

Will The Funko Pop Protector Bring Down the Value?

But what about more rare pops? Won't the protectors decrease their value? The answer is no, not at all. If anything, having a protector on your rare or valuable pop may actually increase the value and demand for that specific one (after all, who doesn't like extra protection?). But if you're still hesitant, there are also other ways to keep your Funko Pops protected but still show them off.

Funko Pop Protectors are an inexpensive and easy way to put your mind at ease knowing that your pops are being protected. And with several sizes to choose from, you can find one that works for you and your favorite Funko Pops!

Do I Need Funko Pop Protectors?

The short answer is...YES! Whether it's an inexpensive protector or a high-end box set to store all of your collectibles in, you should have some type of protection to keep them looking their best for years to come. You also never know when something could happen so be prepared by always having a backup plan just in case.

Funko Pops Protectors from Platinum Protectors are definitely worth the investment, especially if you own Pops that are worth a lot of money. Your collection is your pride and joy, so take care of it by making sure all your Funko Pops are protected.

Advantages of Using Funko Pop Protectors from Platinum Protectors

Funko Pop Protectors from Platinum Protectors will make a world of difference between a Pop that has been protected and one that hasn't.

Benefits of using a Platinum Protector for your Funko Pops:

  • Keeps your Pop in mint condition
  • An inexpensive way to add protection
  • Longer lasting and more durable than other options available
  • Better looking displays with no dust or fingerprints on the display window...Less cleaning required
  • Guaranteed protection against scuffs and scratches
  • Viewable position stands
  • Stackable when placed together (you know that's important too)

Are Funko Pop Protectors Worth It?

In case you still have doubts on whether or not Funko Pop protectors are worth it, let's go further into detail:

· Keep your Pops in mint condition – The main reason anyone would want a protector for their Funko Pops is to keep them in mint condition. This is because a protector will prevent dust and scratches from appearing on the box of your favorite character from your favorite TV show or movie.

· An inexpensive way to add protection – You can find Platinum Protectors Funko Pop Protectors for as low as $.75 each, which makes them one of the lowest-priced options available if you're looking for ways to protect your collection. Plus, there's no need to take out a loan or sell an organ just buy one. It should be noted that generally speaking, the higher the price of a protector, the more effective it will likely be.

· Longer lasting and more durable than other options available – Pop protectors are made with high-quality materials meant to last for years. Keep in mind that different thicknesses might affect how long the protector lasts, but having something that is guaranteed to last you several years is definitely worth it.

· Better looking displays with no dust or fingerprints on the display window – Seeing your Pops through an unprotected box can not only make them look dull but also leaves room for unwanted smudges and even fingerprints which immediately takes away from their value. With most Funko Pops costing at least $10-$20, wouldn't you want yours to look fresh and new?

· Less cleaning required – Dust and grime can get trapped inside unprotected boxes which leads to possible damage over time. Unless you're willing to get the inside of your box professionally cleaned, it makes sense to make sure all your Pops are protected. You also don't have to worry about things like tape residue or stickers that other collectors find annoying because our protectors will keep everything clean while still ensuring that they're easy to open when you want them for shows or conventions.

· Guaranteed protection against scuffs and scratches – Whether you leave your Funko Pops sitting on a shelf or take them with you in a suitcase, having parts of your collection covered in scuffs and scratches is no longer an issue if they're protected by Funko Pop protectors. You can also take them with you while traveling or store them in areas where they might be exposed to dust and other elements which could cause damage without having to worry about keeping your collection looking fresh.

· Viewable position stands – How awesome is it that you can display your Pops in various different poses without having items resting on top of the box? Feel free to do whatever kind of display you prefer because this allows you to choose which pose your characters are displayed in without worrying about how it will impact their value.

· You can stack them – Since most Funko Pops come with 2-3 points of articulation, stacking them makes sense for displaying your favorite characters – but with most protectors, you have to make sure the box is facing down or placed on top of a book or other sturdy item. Not only does this make it easier for you to keep them displayed in positions that look awesome but also lets you stack as many as you want without worrying about damaging any of the boxes.

There are also custom options where you can design your own protector by choosing different colors and sizes. However, any of the Funko Pop protectors sold by Platinum Protectors will do an excellent job of keeping your collection pristine.

Platinum Protectors is the number one, all-around solution to keep your collection looking as good as new.

Platinum Protectors Keep Your Funko Pops Looking Brand New!

You either love them or hate them - there's no in-between. But whatever side of the fence you may stand on, there is one thing we can all agree on: keeping those adorable little pieces of plastic looking beautiful and untouched is important so they maintain their value and collectability until the day comes when we are ready to let them go (hopefully never).

Funko Pop Protectors from Platinum Protectors are a must-have for all fans and collectors of Funko Pops. Whether it's just to keep your collection safe, or if you're a collector who frequently sells, buys, and trades these little guys, you should definitely invest in Platinum Protectors to keep your Funko Pops protected.